Jungle Bell, Jungle Bell ...

Online Christmas shopping with Light & Living

Be tempted by our enchanted Christmas collection divided over several rich and colourful themes. One of our favorite themes is Jungle Bell, where you enter a world with a beautiful tropical Christmas atmosphere! Besides the Jungle Bell theme we have another favorite one called ‘Bloom’. Wine red, velvet and brass are the key words for this atmosphere. We secure you that you will be amazed by the variety of items!

Via our website you can view a wide assortment of Christmas items for 2019 and make a pre-order.

Place your pre-order before 1 April 2019

You can pre-order by downloading the pre-order form here. To complete it, press the send button in the pdf-file. Within 24 hours you will receive an official confirmation of your pre-order from our Sales department. In this confirmation, you will receive also a copy of all terms and conditions that apply to you.